Sunday, 14 June 2009

Trial Of The Bow -- "Rite Of Passage"

Trial Of The Bow is an Ambient/Neo-Folk/World Music project of two members of Australian Doom/Death act Disembowelment. This has a rare depth and integrity seldom found in most "side-projects", which suggests that this is no mere flirtation with sounds. Influences from various traditions around the world, including Arabic and Celtic, are melded into a whole that strongly recalls Dead Can Dance. If you took Ulver's "Kveldssanger" album out of the trollforests of Norway and dropped it among the minarets of Istanbul, then it'd probably sound something like this.

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This is their only full-length album. I have included a bonus track from the "Release Your Mind vol. 2" compilation, which is actually my favourite of their tracks.

Trial Of The Bow -- "Rite Of Passage" CD (1997)

01. Father Of The Flower
02. Ubar
03. The Promise
04. Serpent
05. The Eyre Of Awakening
06. Ceilidh For The Sallow Ground
07. Muezzin
08. The Court Of The Servant
09. As Night Falls
10. Alizee

11. Borderland (bonus track from "Release Your Mind vol. 2" comp)

Result! I've just found this link to download their previous EP.

Trial Of The Bow -- "Ornamentation" EP (1995)

01. The Two Sacred Tapestries Of Persia
02. Inverloch
03. From The Mountains Of Tangier
04. Ornamentation

It's only 128 kps, but better than nothing. Enjoy!


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was looking for this. thank you!

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I think the EP is far better than the album, I wish I could find a better sound quality version.

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If you're that keen, there's a copy on Ebay: